Bracelet Martis Swallow


March marks the beginning of spring and traditionally in Greece people wear Martis (March in Greek) bracelet. It is made of red and white thread – the white symbolizing purity and the red, life and passion- woven together to protect the wearer from illness and the strong spring sun. Most commonly, the Martis bracelet is worn from March 1st until March 31st or until you see the first swallow, returning from migration. Tradition says to tie it to a blossoming tree. This encourages the tree to bloom, as well as it invites birds to use it to build their nests.

Whether you choose to wear it all year long or tie it to a tree for the swallow to find, KAKURU Martis bracelet will definitely look great on your wrist!

Our Bracelet Martis 2020 is Sterling Silver 925. Martis is available in rhodium plating, gets a high gloss finish and comes with the traditional red and white thread. Our thread is strong and stretches only about 3-4% under tension. The length of the thread is adjustable. Martis measures approximately 3 x 2 cm.

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